There countless laws and guidelines governing all elements of motoring, and due to the countless dangers associated with driving, they are carefully enforced. Charges for contravening certain car laws are serious and can even lead to a jail sentence sometimes. There are, however, methods and methods of circumnavigating the law to prevent the full penalty for dedicating offenses. 3 examples are described listed below:

Use of a Mobile Phone While Driving

Because December 2003 it has actually been a criminal offence to use a smart phone whilst driving unless operated by means of a hands-free gadget. As this law has remained in place for more than six years it is now practically widely acknowledged and accepted. That does not nevertheless stop this law from being frequently contravened. Although the law states that it is an offense to make or receive a telecommunication whilst utilizing a hand held telephone whilst driving, there are somewhat grey areas with regard to the legality of using a smart phone in a way besides to interact whilst driving: as exemplified in the Jimmy Carr case (where his phone was legally used whilst driving as a dictation device!) There can frequently be unpredictability regarding exactly what amounts to a ‘telecommunication’ or when a phone is really ‘hand held’. Likewise other exceptions to the law exist in scenarios considered ’em ergencies’. Unless the motorist confesses the offence, it is typically hard for the cops to show that the vehicle driver was holding a phone, instead of an iPod, a Bluetooth earpiece or, in one recent case, a black pudding!


Speed video cameras are the bane of many a vehicle driver’s life. Their deceitful and unforgiving capture of those taking a trip simple single digit increments above the stipulated speed limit is accountable for the concern of several countless pounds worth of fines every year. Speed cams are proven to decrease the occurrence of mishaps in numerous scenarios and likewise help to usually avoid vehicle drivers from exceeding speed limitations. Alternatively, the process undertaken from the flash of the cam through to the releasing of a charge notice is quite convoluted and on a number of celebrations basic protocol is deviated from, therefore rendering the charge invalid if objected to. There are around 50 different types of speed video camera, consisting of radar and laser gadgets, and all have actually detailed guidelines managing how they need to be operated. A breach of these rules by the cops can revoke the speed reading. For more information, contact #1 Motoring Solicitors.

Consume Driving

Preventing beverage driving has actually been a priority for the powers that be for several years. The reduced reactions and concentration associated with inebriation have been responsible for countless mishaps, casualties and deaths. As a consequence of the intensity of the offense, the law is very rigorous on those condemned and a driving ban is an extremely likely conclusion to being condemned. Similar to the case of vehicle drivers accused of speed video camera offenses, the treatment included for charging a driver with beverage driving offences is stuffed with red tape. From inconsistencies on the part of the charging officer, through to absence of lucidity in outcomes or the arrangement of evidence, an initial charge of alcohol associated motoring offenses does not always lead to a conviction.

If, however, you are regrettable enough regarding find yourself dealing with a charge notification or summons, there are specialist car offense lawyers offered to help reduce the impact on your life. They will look for loopholes, irregularities and breaches in the evidence in order to have the case dismissed.